Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Born This Way-The Wedding!

So, Christina and Angel were married!  It was beautiful.  Everybody was beautiful in their gowns or handsome in their tuxes...with the exception of Kris, Megan’s parental unit, who wore a mini skirt, looking totally out of place.  They’re a cute couple, and their parental units’re supportive even in their uncertainty.  Like they’ve said, from birth, they knew the cards were way against them to succeed, because of their mental disabilities (yes, I’m being PC).  They’d essentially resigned themselves to be caregivers to their kids until they died.  Obviously, Christina and Angel blew statistics, which ‘s a testament to their folks’ rearing of them as well as their own drive to be more.

The table placard said the they were married in March, so I was kinda hoping to get a crawl with an update, but I guess that’s the cliffhanger to lead into next season.  They didn’t bill it as the series finale, so we’ll see where the young adults of Leaps n Boundz go.

Watching the wedding (yeah, I got misty-eyed) reminded me of a couple from MARC (Midland Association for Retarded Citizens), Jerry and Bonita, who were patients at the office.  They were high-functioning like the kids of Born This Way…true pioneers of what could be in my eyes.

Be good to each other.


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