Friday, September 7, 2018

A First-It's the Little Things.

So, today was a first for us in our combined 40-ish years of having providers and working with agencies.

It started raining first thing this morning straight through to 4:30-ish this afternoon.  Midland doesn’t much rain, so when we do, we tend to get flash floods or breakoffs from hurricanes, which I think’s the case this go; hence, the day rain.

Anyway, past experience’s taught us, people show late if they show at all, so we’re waiting, hoping to God SOMEBODY comes…much less call to see if we’re OK.  If anything, they’ll call to see if we still need help, period…like the rain stops our lives.

Tripple C not only showed at a decent time, but CALLED just to check on me, BECAUSE it was raining so much!  That’s the difference between an agency that cares and an agency that’s just a cash cow fronting like they care.  It’s the little things that keep a business around.

Be good to each other.


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