Friday, August 17, 2018

Randomness from Two Feet Below.

So, Joey and I walked to General Dollar for straws today.  Of course, when you go for one thing, you wind up leaving with multiples, right?  We left with said straws and 2 double shots and gum.

While we were there, two things happened: 1. The place smelled strong of bud.  When one employee asked the others about it, one employee happily admitted she had a deep convo with bud.  Hmmm.  Joey and I were talking going home that what if a cop was around while they were broadcasting this…and, they WEREN’T being quiet about it.

The other is when we were checking out, my arms were full, so I couldn’t readily get my card out of my fanny pack.  The dude behind me offered to pay along with his stuff.  Of course, we asked if he was sure, giving him an out, since we both had the money.  He said, “Yeah,” so now we have to pay it forward to somebody or some charity, which we try to do anyway whenever we can.  But, isn't that cool?

Be good to each other.


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