Saturday, August 11, 2018

Purging the First Purge.

Afternoon, Fam…

So, who likes the Purge franchise?  Come on, I won’t judge.

I admit, we liked the first three, so we were interested to see about The First Purge when we heard about it…then, it was Purge Island.

We checked it out the night we watched Extinction, which we thought was different in a confusing kind of way.

The premise’s easy…it’s the first purge: the thought process and planning by the new Forefathers to essentially make their lives easier to weed out grievances between people and not have blood on their hands.

In theory, this is an interesting look at the psychology of people.

HOWEVER, what we got was a mostly black-centric gang movie with, I think, one white and one Asian kill.  As far as the gang movie…been there, done that, moved on.

My beef isn’t that it centered, essentially, around gangs.  We hear about gangs taking themselves out all the time.  In that respect, purging ISN’T a new concept or a future concept.  My beef’s they used Blacks as their main focus.  There’re Hispanic gangs and Asians gangs too.

With the other sequels, they broadened the scope of the Purge.  Here, they backpedaled.  Even keeping the first Purge on Staten Island, they could’ve still kept the scope wide with incorporating ALL the gangs…even having gangs from all around coming to have it out without consequence…could’ve.

The only real social commentary I got out The First Purge was how one race and destroy itself by itself.  If that's what they were going for, they succeeded.  Other than that, unfortunately, the movie was a fail for me.  Joey fell asleep.

I saw a meme on FB, where someone threw out the idea of doing a movie about the day AFTER the Purge, where someone goes to work, and everybody asks where so and so is.  Someone stands up and has to explained that he purged whoever.

I’m thinking, a Wayans Brothers flick, perhaps?

Just my evil mind thinking.

Be good to each other.


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