Sunday, August 19, 2018

Crazy Super Bendy Straws.

So, check this out.

These’re the straws we got Friday!  Aren’t they cool?  No, they aren’t necessarily labelled crip straws, but they work with the longer bendy part!  Otherwise, it was the standard bendy straw, the straight straw, or those OG fat ass crazy straws.

Before, I used to have to bend over if I used a straw, because I couldn’t get it to stretch long enough.  Even the OG crazy straws might be long enough, but they were bendy.

Fast forward to last Friday, Joey needed more straws, because she’s a straw user for the CP jump factor.  The high employee chose those straws from the party section.  Joey can bend, so she doesn’t need all that bend.  She’s not 100% on them, because of the length.  So far, she bends them just to play with the extra bend, and watch whatever fluid go around the bends as she sucks.

I haven’t gotten the chance to use a straw, but it’ll come.  I love playing with new stuff.  Anyway, if you’re a straw using crip or have kids, go to Dollar General to check ‘em out.  I’m not sure if they’re at, say, Walmart or Target.

Be Good to each other.


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