Thursday, August 30, 2018

And, the Adults were Where?

So, who the hell leaves 10 kids home alone during a slumber party?  Honestly, can somebody give me a GOOD reason?  I’ll wait.





I can’t wrap my mind around the story.  From three months old to teenagers, these kids were.  According to investigators, they slept through their death, thankfully.

Yeah, the ideal end game would’ve been a smoke alarm wake them up, and they escape, but, noooo, the alarm DIDN’T WORK!  Batteries aren’t that much, honestly, at the VERY least!

Honestly, it sounds like the building should’ve been condemned with all the citations that apparently had been levied against the place.

CPS was also apparently alerted to possible incidents of neglect.  Ummm, leaving kids alone sleeping constitutes neglect, me thinks.  Hopefully, the kids’ folks sue the f out of whoever was SUPPOSED to be responsible.  If it was me, I’D have them bring back burning at the stake, but that’s just me…and, we, as a society, don’t believe in doing as others did to their victims even though we have the death penalty.

Unfortunately, it’ll be reduced to an “accident” or manslaughter…sad.

Stepping off my soapbox.

Be good to each other.


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