Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tripple C's the Place to Be-Faith Renewed in Home Health in the 21st.

So, today, Diane had her orientation for Nursing school that starts the 3rd.  She’d been telling her boss that she need coverage for her clients, but hadn’t heard anything as of last night, so I wasn’t hopeful to get out of bed today.

When I got up, I called the agency to ask if they had anyone for me, which the secretary went to ask the admin.  When she came back, she told me the admin was personally going to come to get me up.  I said, “What?”  She repeated herself.  All I could reply was, “OMG!”

You see, agencies claim their admin’ll come if no one else can, but it RARELY IF EVER happens.  Normally, they find SOMEONE, ANYONE, so they DON’T HAVE TO.

Yeah, last week was cool meeting and having Diane, but of course, that was only one week.  What happens if she can’t come?  Yeah, I was worried and prepared myself to hang in bed with Putlocker…and, the Boys when they decided to hang with their old man.

Joey had an appointment, so I was on my own until someone showed.  Then, the doorbell rang, so I opened the garage like we do people that don’t know the drill.  Eventually, a girl named Hannah came in and back.  She said admin was going to be coming through, but we waited and waited…and, waited with her texting,

Finally, we gave up on him and got down to business.  Hannah did well for just being thrown into the mix.  She was sweet, but said she works the office part, so unless they need here to go out on the field, it was nice meeting.  She was appreciative for the stuff I taught her like cathing, which of course, she was nervous about.  She also learned how to change a dressing on my sore.

Tripple C passed the first faith test.  Today was a good crip day.

Be good to each other.


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