Thursday, July 19, 2018

Starbuck's is Really Hearing Now.

So, check this.

An all-signing Starbucks, isn’t that the coolest?  Yeah, we have trouble getting around with our chairs sometimes, but we never have a shortage of people, who can hear and understand us.  Now, whether they choose to listen to us is another thing, but that’s on them.

Some of the deaf community’s at a disadvantage, because some don’t lip read and A LOT of "normal" people don’t sign.  Yeah, they can carry a pad around or have an interpreter, which’s adapting to live, which’s the definition of a crip, but, and we can attest to this, you want to do things without, say, a provider or, in the case of the deaf community, without an interpreter.

D.C.’ll be the first come October to break down that barrier for that demographic with the hiring employees from the deaf community to cater to the deaf community’s needs…like they did in Malaysia in ’16! 

Sorry, here I’ve got to rag on the good ol’ US of A for bringing up the ass of the parade…again.  Inclusion’s all people, crip abled included.

I know it’ll catch on, so I wonder how long it’ll be before they’re rolled out nationwide.

D.C. readers, come October, go check it the place out, and tell us your thoughts, we’d like to hear from you.

Be good to each other.


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