Tuesday, July 17, 2018


So, I was talking to a friend today on FB, who would desperately love to be a figure skater.  I know she has the drive and the work ethic to make it happen, but I get she doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

I told her to not sell herself short.

She asked what I meant.

I told her if she wants to be a skater, be a skater, to make her passion her life instead of merely a hobby she does when she’s not working.

Her reply was that she’d like to, but she doesn’t know how.

I did some quick research and found a link for her, telling her to forget about age, because age’s just a number.  One of her other friends I believe’s a skater, told her the main thing’s money.  Everything takes money unfortunately. 

HOWEVER, if you want it bad enough, money can be made to make said passion a reality.

This’s not solely a crip or able-bodied thing.  Just doing something for the love of doing whatever’s something, making it your life’s something different whether it’s a hang up like thinking you’re inexperienced like my friend.

No matter how much you do whatever, you can always learn more, that’s just the way it is.  Don’t let inexperience deter you from making that “hobby” your life.  Like I said earlier, money shouldn’t be a deterrent either.  Yeah, there’s always something sucking dough from us, that’s called life.

Story time:  When wee started Two Feet Below, I had NO idea what I was doing.  I knew I needed to buy the domain, but where to start?  I researched and shopped.  On Jan. 3rd, I bought our domain with the money I’d saved.  Of course, then piecing together the site’s been trial and error and error and error.  But, I can say, everything’s been us.

That’s the thing, when you put the effort in, when you make it, you can say it was on you.  It’s pride.

Crips, I know we feel more at a disadvantage and it’s easier for people to write us off.  DON’T EVER FEEL LIKE THAT!  You guys have just as much opportunity as anybody else.

Like the old Nike says:

Be good to each other.


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