Saturday, July 28, 2018

Orange-Time Served or is it Life?

Afternoon, Fam…

So, Boys and Girls, let’s see where to start.  Yesterday, we started Orange, and I just finished it.  Interesting, the couple episodes ran like a series finale.  Sorry, no pics on this for spoilers sake.

The brutality I mentioned yesterday transitioned from physical to mental, which I, personally, think’s worse.  Physical injuries can heal mostly, mental sticks in the back of the mind even after therapy.  Not giving spoilers away, but it has to do with a game between the guards getting points for instigating stuff with the prisoners like making them fight with each other, then, being the one that just “happens” to be there to break said fight up or planting contraband on someone.

The drama to comedy ration was held in check pretty with the exception of Shawna Hamic’s CO Ginger.  She was just annoying, IMO.  I guess her character was supposed to represent the CO that didn’t give an F and was just a warm body.  Also, the nudity was the most minimal in the series’ run, but it shows the bruises the staff's inflicted on the prisoners specifically in a shower scene.

The new element that was brought to the forefront was the obvious gangs, not just color, but whole blocks.  We had the C and D blocks with leaders that just happened to be sisters.  Then, we had a third block I’m going to call the pink block.  They were your geriatrics and MR prisoners.  Ironically, they had Laverne Cox’s Sophia in that block playing the trans is a mental disorder angle in a weird social commentary bit I never got, because I couldn’t figure why else she’d be there otherwise.  Of course, Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' was in there after she botched her deposition about the riot, because they were withholding her meds.  As her character’s come into her own, she’s just known as Suzanne, and, IMO, she’s the most endearing character in the house.

We have some love stories rekindled and one that breaks up for the betterment of a character and that shows a maturity for another…even if it costs her her freedom.

The fallout from last season’s riot was a tie for first and second place.  I say both, because, when it wasn’t directly being addressed, it had shades peppered in the other topics.  But, it was the catalyst for a bunch of decisions to either stand by your girl or throw her under the bus…and then, back up over her.

Surprisingly, the season/series? Ended on a light/dark note.  It’ll be interesting to see if they milk this cash cow for another season, or just let it be come next July.  If they do pull another season, hopefully, they'll throw in a crip into the mix.

Be good to each other.


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