Thursday, July 5, 2018

Making a Statement Unfashionably Late.

Morning, Guys…

So, while the rest of the world was celebrating and remembering Independence Day, this chick was making a “statement.”

Now, I believe in making a statement, obviously, but this is just stupid.  At any given time, this chick could’ve fallen and ruined her day as well as anyone that saw her fall…PTSD, anyone.  She’d’ve died not making the family togetherness statement she was going for, but just’ve been the idiot girl, who fell out of Lady Liberty’s toe jam…and, yeah, she just got to her feet before the popo got to her to take her in.  She’s looking at a misdemeanor for the disorderly conduct alone, but she was also charged with trespassing and interference with national park regulations to boot.  I also read she tried to knock cops off that were trying to negotiate and essentially save her ass.  There’s got to be a charge for that.  I guess we’ll see where the law takes this one.

I’ve read responses and it’s funny, because I don’t think she got the response she was going for.  I read one comment calling her selfish as well as others that did see her say she DID ruin their 4th.  Besides, she’s late to the party, because Trump signed an executive order to keep fams together.  Of course, that could be posturing to shut up the masses, but said masses’ll see through the smoke and glass soon.  Given that, she got herself in trouble for nothing.

It’s great to have something to say, that’s what makes America great, we have that privilege.  There’ll always be an audience, which is good, but make sure your statement doesn’t land you in the morgue needlessly.

Be good to each other.


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