Friday, July 13, 2018

Hearing Crickets-Holding Onto What?

Afternoon, Guys…
Where the Hell are You? (Computer Art)

So, when I went bed last night, I was mad and depressed, because we couldn’t get the catheter in to cath, but when Ashley lifted me on my potty chair, of course, that’s when my bladder decided to let go on the floor after trying for at least a half hour.  Besides being nasty to clean up, it’s freaking embarrassing.  Has anybody else gone through this, or is it a Jason original?

We got it cleaned up and I went the rest talking to john, but honestly, can’t a crip get a break?  This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but the first time it’s happened in awhile to where I’ve made a mess on the floor.

As I’ve gotten older, it seems like cathing’s getting harder, but then, sometimes, it’ll just slip in like nothing.  That’s the way it’s been lately.  It’s a crapshoot, and I’m losing.  It’s very frustrating.

Trust me, I pray, I pray every time I start and while I do it.  I get crickets…not good for someone, who’s been the atheist trying to retain a faith I want to have, but just about everything’s showing me otherwise.

Again, Guys, thanks for listening.  Hopefully, someone out there doesn’t feel alone.

Be good to each other.


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