Thursday, July 12, 2018

Getting More Out of the Book Club Than Mere Words.

Early morning, Fam...

So, what constitutes being “over the hill”?  That’s what Book Club asks.

Starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, all stars deemed past their prime as far as Hollywood goes, but ARE in the prime of their lives and at the top of their game, IMO, are four friends, who lead very different lives as grown-ups, but are feeling “over the hill” and like something’s missing from said lives.  Then, they choose Fifty Shades of Grey as their monthly book club read.

OK, we haven’t read the Fifty Shades series, but we did watch the movies.  We liked them from a psychological standpoint.  Of course, it was sexy, but not in that get horny kind of way.

From the ladies’ standpoint, we could see where it’d strike a match.  So, it is with life.  Whether it’s from fam perceptions like Keaton’s Diane or Steenburgen’s Carol’s dysfunctional relationship with her hubby, Bruce, played by Craig T. Nelson…everybody’s missing something in their life…even if they have everything…or, SEEM to have everything.

But, I digress…

Fifty Shades ignites that spark for the ladies to prove to the world and ultimately to themselves that age’s nothing but a number…and, that they do have something to offer with a conceivable 100-year lifespan.

Now, take away the age element, and the film speaks to a wider audience than just being a “chick” flick since we, as humans, are always needing, always wanting, always trying to prove our relevance to the world.

Maybe It’s real, maybe it’s not…we have to decide…as do the ladies of the Book Club.

Be good to each other.


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