Saturday, July 21, 2018

Celeb Justice.

So, looks like Connor McGregor got the pass of his life.  All those fam pics he posted on Twitter and had TMZ conveniently snap…AND, the TIMED (yeah, I said timed) announcement that his chick has another bun in the oven, hit the defense and judge directly in the feels…like he knew they would.

Yeah, that last stunt, the bun in the oven announcement WASN’T new news, he had his chick announce the closest she could to when he was due back in court.  They’ve known for a while.

Of course, as soon as he found out the extent of his screw up’s ramifications, he was on damage control duty, making sure he was seen as the #1 fam man everywhere he went, kid in arms or on shoulder.

The dude was facing time and deportation on a felony and misdemeanor charges, and he got the felony reduced to a misdemeanor, so deportation’s off the table.  At worse, he’s looking at being on paper and getting his hand slapped for being a bad boy.  Dana White’s (UFC head honcho) could ban him from the company like he has with others…and, he needs to since McGregor roid raged and hurt some of his athletes, but McGregor’s a draw/money when and if he shows, so that’s not going to happen.

OK, if he was ANYBODY else, the book’d be thrown at him and he’d be out of a job.  BUT, because he’s a celeb and him just being in people’s presence raises their status, he gets a pass…screw that he hurt people…and, NOT the one he intended.

Like it’s said in Armageddon: “It happened before, it will happen again.  It's just a question of when.”

Where’s the justice?

Be good to each other.


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