Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Be the Cure, Not the Cause-Be a Real Friend.

Morning, Fam…

So, the big news I’m hearing is that Demi Lovato OD’d on some yesterday.  The writing was written all over the damn wall she was in trouble.  It was a little over a month ago, I posted her video for “Sober”, which was her call for help to her people and fans.  No one listened, so we get what happened yesterday.  They’re just along for the ride…until the ride’s over with Lovato ending in the morgue refrigerator.  And, in true junkie fashion, Lovato was NOT helping.

OK, ultimately, it’s Lovato’s choice, so the OD’s on her, but her friends, if they are truly her friends, and some did say they saw this coming for weeks, they should’ve thrown their weight on her, because that’s what true friends do when they see what we don’t.  Of course, like Michael Jackson and so many before him, people don’t want her unhappy for the job security…and, probably the drugs.

We know how MJ’s story ended, as others’ve before and after him.  Lovato was lucky THIS time, but apparently, she hasn’t hit her bottom again.  Hopefully, it doesn’t end with toe tag jewelry and a body bag bed on ice.

Yeah, this sounds hardcore, but I’m pulling her like I have every celeb before her, but I’m prepared for the end game.

Guys, if you need help or know someone, who does, SPEAK UP, FORCE YOUR HAND.  Be the cure, not the cause.

Be good to each other.


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