Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July Fun After the Nathan's Hotdog Contest.

Morning, Boys and Girls,

So, Happy 4th, Independence Day, whatever you call the holiday!  Anyway, let freedom ring!  Joey and I am waiting for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest festivities to start at 11 C time out of Coney Island in NY.  It’s 10 crazy ass minutes of watching a bunch of men and women stuff their craws to the point of exploding for a $10,000 purse…fun, fun!

When I told Joey about the purse, she said, “Yeah, they need all that money for their hospital bills afterward.  Actually, I’ve heard it’s more like spending a lot of time with john afterward…hope there’s enough TP to go around.

Can you see it, both men’s and women’s bathroom stalls monopolized by contestants, like soldiers on the field when the TP runs low, “I’m out!”  Someone throws a roll over, “Make it count!”  Another one shouts, “Man down!”

Needless to say, we got some hotdogs, it’s the only time of year Joey really wants one, I guess it’s in the spirit of the day.  I actually like hotdogs, because they’re crip-friendly with the side-by-side two-handed hold as opposed to a burger, where I have to balance it on the back of my wrist and hole the top with my other hand…and more often than not, the stuff in the middle still squishes out.  We also got a double shot to share…mmmm.

Guys, be careful, have fun, and be good to each other.


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