Thursday, July 26, 2018


Evening, Fam…

So, last night, I had the chicken and crip dumplings Joey made for my birthday today.  Of course, it was delish!

This morning, she, Lupe, and Ashley gave me birthday wishes as well as the Folks texting from Germany to tell me Happy Birthday and that they were having a German beer in my honor.  Joey also gave me a pair of shorts. 
She also got a pair for herself, so we were twinkies today.  We had breakfast of buttered toast, dip eggs, and coffee.  I read through a story Joey’s writing, and then they showed up in the room with a lemon cake with dark chocolate frosting they’d made, literally, my fave combination.  I could eat ANYTHING lemon and dark chocolate!

After I got up, we went to Walmart, which we just got back from.  We just to get a few things.  We bought a 6-pack of orange Bud Light we’d seen the commercial that we wanted to try, so we’ll share one. 
Orange’s another fave flavor of mine.  I hope it’s really got an orange flavor to Joey, because she hates the taste of beer.  She’s a fruity mixed drink chick.

42 ain’t starting bad.

Be good to each other.


PS.  Thanks again, everybody, for the FB love.

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