Thursday, June 7, 2018

Reconnecting-Make Your Past Your Present.

So, let’s talk about reconnecting with peeps.  Many times, we lose track of people we thought we were close to, and thought it’d be forever, but, for whatever the reason, fate stepped in the way and we drifted.  It happens.  HOWEVER, we don’t shake them from our thoughts, always wondering whatever happed to them.

Where you going with this, J?

This morning I was on You Tube when I finally broke to watch this video that’s been hovering on my lists for a while.  Curiosity killed the cat, right?  AND, of course, the title was right, it hit my misty-eye button.

God knows that I’ve had friends that I was close to that haven’t necessarily fallen by the wayside, but we aren’t as close as we used to be or as close as I’d like.  I know life happens and that sucks.  Some people stay along for ride, some don’t.  Also, those of you that’ve been with us for this ride that’s Two Feet Below, know I’m adopted.  Both Mom and Joey’ve put the bug in my ear to find my bio fam, not to really start a serious relationship, but so they know OF me.  Joey also wants to know health issues that run in the clan.  I’ve been a hard ass about it, because they didn’t mold me; HOWEVER, the idea does intrigue me, I guess, in a perverse kind of way.  I wonder what would happen if I showed up on their doorstep.  BUT, that’s just my mind thinking.

Anyway, watch this, try to get out of your own way, and reconnect.

Be good to each other.


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