Saturday, June 2, 2018

Pets from Two Feet Below.

So, we ALMOST had a new fur baby edition to our fam.   We ALMOST got a kitten from a fam friend.  A few months ago, we’d talked about getting a cat when we had mice invading our pad.  Then, we got a set of those sonic mice deterrents…and, it worked.  We haven’t had one since.  So, now, we just wanted one.  The ones we saw today looked like Joey’s cat when she lived at home.  The deciding factor was gonna be Chewy, our youngest dog.  He tends to be territorial.  HOWEVER, he wasn’t the last decision.  It came down to if the kitten got out and over or under the fence, it’d kill Joey.

That brings me to the subject of crip-friendly pets…at least for us, of course.  You guys know your limits, so go with that.

We’ve had everything from dogs to a snake and a tarantula.

Dogs, you can leash.  Training them can be a bitch, but it’s doable, and we’ve come up with ways to water and feed them from our chairs.

Angie, our ball python, was pretty easy to care for.  There were only a few times she got away from us that made us wonder if we could care for her.  The feed mice were the wild card, mainly, to her care.  If they got away from us, and it happened at least once that I remember, we were screwed.  We gave her to the college when Joey wanted Hollywood, our Shih Tzu.  Yeah, you see why.

I had Pebbles, my tarantula, before Joey and I met.  She wouldn’t want one now.  Pebbles was cool to watch and hold, but the thing with her is that tarantulas are actually fragile.  If she got away from me and fell on the floor, it’d kill her.  That’s not what happened to her.  The thought was scary, though.

Like I said, Guys, just feel out the pets you think you can take care of with your cripness.

Be good to each other.


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