Saturday, June 9, 2018

Friend, Fam, & Kittens,..Oh My!

So, we had Joey’s Avon party, which Cindy, our mutual former Biology prof and friend, came through at the end.  She ordered a few things from Joey and got a Two Feet Below shirt.  Thanks, Cindy, we love you!

We’ve got September’s planned with our friend, Sunshine, offering to help advertise and co-host with Joey, so that’ll be cool.

Then, Mom showed up to take us to Saltgrass to meet Kat and Jack, who scored the weekend off to come home, and Dad.  I can’t, honestly, remember when they were home last.  Anyway, it was good grub and good company.

When we were done, we had time to go to the Folks’ for awhile since I’D asked Ashley to come later.  There, we saw and petted the kittens that Mom’d found abandoned in their bushes.  The last couple weeks, she’s been coaxing them out to eat and get friendly with she and Dad.  It’s coming along, and they’re ADORABLE.  Joey and I got to hold one.

He's the one I like.

Anyway, although the party was small, it still was fruitful, and, although, the fam visit was all too short, it was nice.

Be good to each other.


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