Saturday, May 5, 2018

Welcome to the Other Side of the Fence, Isaiah Pead.

So, check this, Guys, ex-NFL RB, Isaiah Pead, who was in a career-ending car crash that caused him to lose his left leg, is back on his feet sporting a RUNNING prosthetic with aspirations to be in the ’20, ’24, and ’28 Summer Paras.

 True, the guy was WAAAY speeding when he wrecked his ride and NORMALLY I’d rag a made crip for that, but he’s paid and is paying his dues by losing his leg, his, no doubt, multi-million NFL career for a probable Summer Paralympic career, if he has his way.

 I gotta give props to a guy, who falls that far, and picks himself up with dreams to be a Paralympian role model.

 Welcome to the other side of the fence, Isaiah, we welcome you with open arms.

 Be good to each other.


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