Thursday, May 10, 2018

True Kindness Still Exists.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, let’s talk about how an act of kindness for the sake of kindness should be beget kindness.  Now, we shouldn’t expect whoever to return the favor, but that’s how people think.

Of course, I did my routine this morning with adding ordering a refill for Joey.  Then, I checked in on FB and Twitter when I saw this:

“@ThatKevinSmith I have tickets to your show tonight but unfortunately cannot attend due to my father passing. I would hate for these tickets to go waste. So if you know anyone looking for tickets I have a pair.”

Kevin answered back:

“First off, I’m sorry for your loss, sir. Second, contact (name redacted) and give her your address so I can send you something to make up for missing the show and to repay the kindness of offering up free tickets during what I’m sure is a tough day. My condolences to your family.”

Wow, damn, this just brought a happy tear to my eye.  Obviously, Kevin didn’t have to do anything.  Some celebs don’t acknowledge fans even if they’re on social media, it’s just another way for them to push their brand.

So…this is a refreshing and heartfelt exchange that we could all take notes from.

Be good to each other.


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