Monday, May 7, 2018

Things You REALLY Shouldn't Do.

So, Joey and I were watching Silver Bullet when I brought up the part when Marty was trying to get away from the werewolf by driving his chair into the rickety wooden tunnel to hide…except there was no other way out on the other end…and, his chair ran out of gas…not to mention the tunnel couldn’t fit a car, so he’s lucky his ride didn’t break the wood and fall into the drink.

This made us think of the things we pulled as kids that we wouldn’t think of pulling now.  For my part, one time, as I’ve mentioned, I walked to the tracks to see if I could cross them.  Obviously, I did, but I wasn’t aware how much space there is between the slats in said tracks.  As I went over, I could feel my wheels try to turn sideways between said slats…not to mention I was surprised how raised each track really is.

Joey’s is just as harrowing.  We’ve all been on a sidewalk and needed to get down.  We see what looks like packed sand at a slow, and gently start going down…hoping to God said sand STAYS packed…otherwise hope to God your front end catches you.  In an old school chair, we only had 4 wheels, not the 6 most chairs have nowadays.  If you guessed wrong, you WERE going off said sidewalk into the street.

Sound of on stuff you guys did that you did, but wouldn’t do now.

Be good to each other.


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