Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Revenge of Lupe-The Third Time's the Charm...We Hope.

Morning, Guys…

So, yeah, the title's dripping with my sarcasm, but, if you've been following the last couple rounds with this issue, you'll understand. 

Last Wednesday, I believe, that chick that’d been screwing Joey by not showing on her days, called her to tell Joey she got stuff squared away with her old man, who she was claiming was the reason she was no-showing, so she’d be here Saturday...if Joey still wanted her.  Joey reluctantly said yes, but she kept the Midland office on retainer just in case.

Anyway, Joey told her she’d call her later in the week to make sure she was still down with coming, so Joey had enough time to make plans.  She called, and Lupe said she was still down.

Long story short, she DID show this morning.  We’ll see how long this’ll last.  Her caseworker DID say she told Lupe this’d be her last time.  If she screwed up, she’d be terminated.  She also told Joey she’d be looking for back up in event Lupe decides to quit from leftfield like she’s proven she has no qualms about.

I’ve been praying for Joey, so I hope this sticks.

Be good to each other.


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