Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Support System from Two Feet Below.

So, let’s talk about having a support system.

Joey and I went to the Rehabilitation Center to see if we could sell some shirts since I have history when the place was the CP Center.  The place’s really changed!  The front desk chick deferred us to her admin and gave us the girl’s card for us to call to set up an appointment.  I’ll do that tomorrow, hopefully, for Thursday.  Today was kind of a bust, but we’ll be back.

When we were leaving to go find somewhere to eat, we were called back.  Come to find out that the cleaning lady, Elinora, remembered me from the day!  We’re talking 25 + years!  It was cool to show Joey the place and to introduce Elinora to her.  Then, we left.

The adventure begins…

We thought we’d walk around to find someplace, but there really isn’t anywhere, so we walked to find a landmark road, J.  We knew if we could get to J, we’d be around stores and restaurants; HOWEVER, Midland has jacked up roads that aren’t consecutive…so, we got our monthly walking adventure in ALREADY.

I’m pretty sure we were heading in the right direction…until Joey noticed the bars on her control going down fast.  NOT GOOD!  AND, the next street was Wadley...a major street!  That was when my phone rang.  IT WAS MOM!  She was calling, because I’d forgotten to call her to tell her we weren’t going to be home for her to not come to cath me.  I took the chance to ask her if she’d pick us up in the van, which she did.

AGAIN, she’s bailed my/our ass out.  Of course, she doesn’t have to, but we’re appreciative.  We’ve got a few that’ve always been there for us…like when the guys were there for us when I was bitten.  On the same token, we’ve got our fam’s back.  If you’re our friend, you’re fam.

Guys, having some kind of a support system whether it’s friends, fam, or providers…show them love ALWAYS.

Be good to each other.



  1. These are some of the smaller trials in your life. Some people have no idea but I think about you sometimes and when I whine to you I am wtf am I saying to you! I have no right to complain about anything in my life . Just thankful for my many blessings and this amazing universe.

  2. Aw, Darcey, that's why it's good for EVERYBODY to have a good support system, stuff happens.