Sunday, May 6, 2018

Step Up, Get Involved, Save a Life.

So, this is on the other side of the spectrum from my Rousey piece a couple days ago.  Seems Dr turned comedian movie star, Ken Jeong, yeah, short little naked Asian dude from The Hangover franchise’s a stand-up guy…SERIOUSLY.  He stopped his stand-up show to help a seizing fan until EMTs could get to her and take her to hospital.

Where ya goin’ with this, J?

My point is, Joey and I talk to people here while we’re doing our business.  They tell us theirs, sometimes they tell us they see stuff happen driving or just around.  We ask them if they helped or anything.


“Ummm, why?”

Crickets.  Sometimes, we get the stupid answer, “I thought someone else would,” but, most of the time, it’s crickets.

OK, yeah, we know we’re limited, but if we think we can help, damn it, we’re gonna…even if it’s callin’ 911.  I know CPR, so if I can get someone on board, I can instruct them.  We don’t have to stop, but we would, because someone needs help.

The same thing here, Dr. Ken didn’t have to stop his show, but he knew he could help…and, he did.  He, along with others probably saved her life.  Bravo.

Even if you’re a crip, if you see something happen, don’t expect the next person to do it…step up.

Be good to each other.


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