Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Let's Talk About Stress, Baby.

So, a little bit ago, Joey got a call from the chick that WAS supposed to come tomorrow morning telling she wanted to tell her she quit the company and that she didn’t know if the company was going to have anybody for Joey in the AM…at that point, neither did Joey.  Of course, this’s Nurses Odessa.  She called there to find out what’s up, only to get a voicemail.

She called the Midland office, which they got on it, and called her with one of the chicks on her call list…so, tomorrow AM’s taken care.  BUT, we’re not of the woods, because her main AM chick from Odessa’s quitting on the 18th.  She’ll be ass out every AM after that…unless the Midland office can cover those shifts.  The rub is, they might find someone or SOMEONES, which adds a different level of stress, because she’ll have different chicks on any given day…no stability.

I know some people’ll be like, “At least you’ll have someone.”

Yeah, but if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t you want one, maybe two, instead of a different person every day to train?  It sucks balls.

The whole reason for her going with the Odessa office for the AMs is to save money (Medicaid).  Every time she has to use the Midland office, she has to pay a buttload of money.

The next part of our story has to do with the system bouncing her around since she was started on Traditional Medicaid, but was MADE to choose between Superior or Amerigroup, the offshoots.  She chose Amerigroup, because I’m on it.  When she tried to call her case worker, she was told that said caseworker was no longer her caseworker, because she’s on Amerigroup now.  She digs out her new Amerigroup card to find out the PCP’s wrong on it.  Since that was what I did when I worked the office, I told them Medicaid’ll randomly pick a PCP for you, so have to be careful when you get on if you already have an established Dr., because said Dr. won’t get paid if they’re not your PCP.

20 to 5, Joey call Amerigroup to get her PCP changed, which will be effective immediately…good thing since she has an appointment tomorrow as well as another later in the month.  Next, she put in a call to Lifespan Home Health, the agency I go through, to change agencies ASAFP.  She had to leave message, which she was told she’d get a call in 10.  She didn’t.  We’ll be blowing up their phone bright and early.  I hope it’s AFTER her coffee for their sake.  LOL.

That was our afternoon.

Point being…if shit happens and seems to pile up, try to stay calm think of your options, and use your support system...DON’T BE AFRAID TO RATTLE CAGES!

Be good to each other.


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