Thursday, May 31, 2018


So, that chick never showed up that was supposed to have an impromptu meeting with Joey and we didn’t get to go out to do the stuff we’d planned doing.  Chick no-showed AND didn’t call.  We HATE that shit.  Inconsiderate bitch.  Yeah, it’s hotter than a witch’s tit, but we still had stuff to do.  So, we stayed home like “good little crips,” and watched the rest of the first season of The Rain on Netflix that we started last night.  As far as that goes, think The Walking Dead without the walkers.  There’s definitely a threat, and really, the series is about the nature of man when thrown into this shit storm.  It was a fun ride and the fourth episode featured ASL, which was cool.

But, back to being held hostage by shit people that take our lives for granted when they’re supposed to be the ones in charge of our CARE.  Joey thinks she’ll call tomorrow with some bullshit excuse and we’ll play the charade all over again.  Don’t play games with us.  We won’t with you.  We say what we mean and will do what we say.  We’ll play it by ear…like we always do.

Guys, don’t take people for granted even if whoever seems cripper than you.  Life doesn’t stop for them either.

Be good to each other.


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