Monday, May 14, 2018

Exo-Squad-Animated Real Life.

Morning, Guys & Gals,

We hope your Mother’s Day was chillaxed.  Ours was.

So, over the last week to break the stress of our life, Joey’s had us revisit her Exo Squad (’93-’94) days.

Admittedly, I never got into the show in the day with its serious bent on life.  I was into the veiled propaganda, cartoony violence of Looney Tunes.  Yeah, even then, we knew there was more to Bugs, Elmer, Tweety, and Sylvester as they mimicked Patton and whatnot.

Exo Squad is none of that.  The word propaganda’s actually used, if someone dies, there ain’t no coming back, there’s even a suicide…and, there’s real repercussions from everything that goes on that carries through to the next episode.  It was cool and scary at the same time.  I found myself getting misty-eyed an episode or two or three.

The only thing I really found negative was the repetitiveness; however, thinking about it, such is life if we don't learn from our mistakes, right?

I was a sophomore and junior in school then.  I considered myself more mature than the average teen from what life’d thrown my way thus far with the exception of my friend, Will, who’d lost his dad a year or so before we’d met.  Not much phased me in the way of real world issues.  That’s just the way it was.

Fast forward to nowadays, I’ve seen a lot of stuff on TV shows (the original Degrassi, ER) tackled in my day, but I didn’t know this carried over to cartoons for some reason.  It was cool to see a kids’ show not dumbed down issues that kids probably have already seen or heard, even in passing, on the news, to further hide “virgin” eyes from their world.

Yes, we want to keep our kids innocent as long as we can, but that can’t last forever.  They do have to grow up, hopefully, with our guidance.  That’s why I think Exo Squad’s a necessary show to watch with parental units to bounce ideas and concerns off of.  Joey said she saw it on TBS or TNT, then, and was surprised even then how adult-themed it was.

I found it for Joey on  Check it if you haven’t seen it, or if you did back in the day…you might be surprised what your adult eye sees.

Be good to each other,


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