Saturday, May 5, 2018


Morning, Fam…

So, our morning’s gotten off peachy.  8:15 rolls around, and I asked Joey when her chick was supposed to be here, knowing she was supposed to be here at 8.  Now, the thing is she’s the aunt of Joey’s regular morning chick, so I called her to track down this other chick…because, surprise, surprise, she didn’t provide her number to Joey.  Of course, her phone’s turned off.  SHIT.  Joey called the Odessa office of Nurses, which they’re government funded, so they know nothing about their clients.  She finally got a call from the chick, who told Joey she was in the hospital with her old man, which is fine, we get it…but, she COULD’VE called to give Joey a heads up…it’s common sense and professionalism.

As usual, like clockwork, I got on FB and Joey called the Midland Nurses to get the word out Joey needed help.  To Bob’s credit, he got on it, and sent a Crystal over, which we’ve got history.  She’s cool.

Anyway, the other chick, Lupe, who WOULD’VE had her second day today, claims she’ll be in tomorrow with her old man getting out of the hospital in a couple hours…hmmm, we’ll see.

Bottom line: communication goes a long way.  We understand shit happens, but not calling, doesn’t instill a lot of faith…especially on the SECOND day.  You wouldn’t NOT call your boss in an office setting.

Be good to each other.


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