Sunday, April 22, 2018

What You Mean I Can't Sit WITH My Wife??

So, tonight we’re going to see Weird Al with Ashley.  BTW, we still have an extra if anybody wants to go with us.  The agency failed to get somebody for Joey even though she told them a month and a half ago.  Lazy asses.

Anyhoo, I digress…

It’s at the Wagner Noel, which is fine and dandy.  We understand they’ve gotta pay for the place.  However, the last time we went was a few years ago to see Fluffy.  The reason for the long span is because, when we got there, we were intending to all sit together.  There were five of us, Joey, her provider, Becca, Ashley and her boyfriend, and me.  They made Ashley and I sit on one side of the auditorium while Joey and Becca had to sit on the total other side, because they said that’s where the designated crip seating was.  WTFH!  They said it was a fire hazard thing when there was OBVIOUSLY enough space for two chairs to sit side-by-side and NOT block the stairs.  Oh, and Ashley’s man had to sit a row down and cattycorner.  We were told we could sit together if we PAID MORE for the lower level seats.  We’d already gotten our tickets.  Anyhoo, we did as we were told, and met up at intermission, BUT, DUDE, a crip couple can’t together in a facility UNLESS THEY DISH OUT MORE MONEY?!  In ALL the places we’ve gone in nearly 18 years, we’re NEVER been given that line of shit.

When Joey heard Weird Al was coming, she really wanted to go, I read where it was going to be, which didn’t have me jonesing, but she’s loved him forever, so I’m making it happen.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to see him too, just NOT there.  Nevertheless, we’re going to give the place ONE more try.

We’ll keep you posted.

Be good to each other.


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