Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Overstaying Your 15.

Morning, Fam…

So, you guys’ve heard the saying everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame, right?  OK, so what’s up with these peeps that get more than their 15 hangin’ their asses out there with their BADass attitude and everybody eats it up.  Yeah, Cash Outside Girl, if I was a teen, I’d be conflicted.  I’d have to decide whether I wanted to hookup with her because she thinks she’s a badass, of course, after she got tested for every STD, OR, whether I’m gonna buy a front row ticket to watch the inevitable gang of chicks and/or guys beat her ass down.  As an adult, the easy answer’s I’d but the VIP ticket to watch her getting the beating her parental units failed to dish out before they lost control.  If she tried to run away, which most poser badasses do, I’d throw her ass back into play.  Now, she’s their meal ticket, so she’s in the clear no matter what shit she pulls.  

Logan Paul falls into this category.  Until Youtube got tired of his shit, he ran roughshod.  Yeah, he probably didn’t lose followers.  News flash, he has so many, a couple sloughing off, he could care less…as long as he has a few 0s rolling in.  

The Biebs ran in this crowd, pissing in public and egging neighbors among other cray cray, until he re-found God.  Now, how long this train of thought’ll last, who knows.

My point, we reward people for their shit while good people’re white noise.  BUT, I’ve also noticed that when people are done, they’re REALLY done…SO, like I was telling Ashley, eventually shit catches up to you and you’ll have to answer, also, treat people right on your way up, because those you did wrong WILL be waiting for you when you come down.

That 15’s fleeting.  Enjoy it.

Be good to each other.


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