Saturday, April 14, 2018

"Apprentice" President Playing Real World Games.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, Trump is taking us to war with Syria, which are allies with Russia, which we’re already on their shit list for accusing them of being in collusion with OUR president for him to get the votes for said presidency.  Confused yet?  Yeah.

I did vote for Trump on the benefit of the doubt that he’d actually be a good prez like Reagan, who was also a celebrity before running and winning the job.  I know Reagan was an actor while Trump was a “reality” star.  Although, he ran his campaign as he ran his show, The Apprentice, I wasn’t voting for Clinton, not because she’s a woman, but because of the Benghazi disaster and her lies about her emails during her run in the Obama Administration.  She buried herself before her campaign even got started.

 Trump continues to run his presidency, as far as I can tell, like he’s still on “reality” TV, but he’s playing real world games now that can cost an estimated 325.7 mill US lives if shit really hits the fan.  This might be extreme, but it might not be.

He’s gloating the strikes we along with France and Britain dealt have gone unanswered, but it’s only been hours.  Yesterday, one of my Twitter (a forum our prez LOVES to run his mouth on) friends posed this question:

“Can we achieve peace through war?”

My answer was: “No, someone's always left butt hurt, and hellbent on revenge.”

Sound off.

Be good to each other.


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