Wednesday, April 25, 2018

And Then I Remember...

Morning, Guys…

So, this morning I get reminded of my limitations.  Normally, I’d figure a way out of the fix, today wasn’t one of them.

The set up:

For breakfast, we had eggs, toast, yogurt, and coffee…yum.  I put the yogurt cup beside me until I finished the eggs and toast.  Keep in mind I’m in bed.  I finish said eggs and toast and go to lift the yogurt cup.  Of course, it slips, and it turns sideways, but where I could still get it…until it finishes its flip…face down.  I tried to upright it before the yogurt fell out, but, of course, when I lifted it, gravity took over.  Knowing I was screwed, I had to call Joey’s chick to help me.  Instead of dumping it on the plate I still had, she dumped it in the toilet…a whole yogurt cup wasted.  I think I got the rest wiped up, but, Man.

Remember, pride means nothing.

Be good to each other.


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