Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Mornin’ Kids, how’s it goin’?

So, we saw Winchester recently.  We’d been jonesing to see to see it ever since we’d heard about early last year, and since we’d watched a spot about the real house on Mysteries of the Museum.  We’d liked the classic Exorcist and more recently The Exorcism of Emily Rose based on the story of Anneliese Michel.

Now, what was on the screen was beautiful, but, for some reason, I think the true story was much more than what Hollywood could put onscreen, and still score the rating, a respectable PG-13, they were shooting for.  Exorcist and Emily Rose were an R, and I still believe Hollywood couldn’t touch what actually happened; although, I was impressed what they did to Jennifer Carpenter to look like Anneliese Michel.  PG-13 Horror gets a bad wrap, but it can be done, so, please, don't think we hated on the film for that reason.  Give it a go.

The story goes that Mrs. Winchester started building on her mansion in San Jose, Cali after she started getting haunted by the ghosts of the people killed by the namesake gun.  They’d tell where and how to do the rooms, stairs, halls, whatever, many leading nowhere.  From 1884-1922, Mrs. Winchester built on the house endlessly until her death with the place become a 161 room, 40 bedrooms 2 ballroom with one completed and one unfinished, 47 fireplaces 10,000+ panes of glass, 17 chimney with evidence of two others, two basement, three elevator behemoth. Originally, about 162 acres, it’s been cut down to about 6 acres that still stands today.

Helen Mirren plays Mrs. Winchester hauntingly (ironic) straight.  There’s subtlety and nuisance to her performance like only the veteran actress can pull.  Whether the plot of Dr. Price (played by Jason Clarke) coming to evaluate Mrs. Winchester mental state is true is up for debate, but if it is true and she was getting haunted to that extent, I could see this angle totally plausible.

As far as Horror tropes, the jump scares are a-plenty, but the fact this based on a true story, saves it from being unforgettable.  Like, say, the Amityville house, which had to be reconstructed a little to NOT make it so obvious, I’m even more curious to check the place out.  There are tours.

Either way, if you’re looking for a fun diversion and you dig “based on” films, check out Winchester.

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