Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Who's Your Mascot?

Good afternoon everybody.  Show of hands; how many of you have pets?  Probably most of you, huh?  You know we have 2 dogs, but did you know we used to have 3 dogs, a snake, and a tarantula?  Then, 4 dogs and a tarantula.  My first pet I took care of was a black and white rabbit I named Peter (get it?).
So, with my new caregiver speaking almost no English, I still want to talk to her-like, I don’t want to sit there in silence for the two hours she’s here every night.  So, I google translate conversations; I asked once, “Do you have pets?”  ¿Tienes mascotas?  She said, yes, she has one dog named Jack.
However, that got me thinking.  “Mascota”, hey, I know that word-mascot.  Then, I thought, the family dog, cat, whatever, is a loyal, friendly, loving, fuzzy representation of your family; well, they do say you and your four legged friend look similar.
Isn’t that, more or less, the definition of, say, a school or sport’s team mascot?  So, your fuzzy, playful friend is the mascot of your house.  How about that?  Have a great day.

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