Saturday, March 31, 2018

Taking the 9 Away 39 and the 4 from 41.

Happy Saturday, Peeps!

So, this morning we got up to COLOR EGGS!  Yeah, you’re NEVER to old to do those things you did as kids.  NEVER.  We believe the day you start to think you’re too old is the day you start to die.  Think about it.  The same goes for having adventures or learning something.  There’s ALWAYS something.  If you can’t find it or you think you’re above, CRIPS, if you think you can’t, you better be ready to call it a permanent day.  I’m NOT saying off yourself.  If you EVER think I’m insinuating that, then ANYTIME, PLEASE, stop reading now.  I can’t help you.  I AM saying, it’s the little things, the “KIDDIE” things, adventures that keep life FUN.

Anyhoo, Joey, Adriana, who we think because she’s an *GASP* adult, she has no interest and, thereby, her kids aren’t interested in doing KIDDIE stuff, and I cleared off the kitchen table, covered it with paper towels, got bowls with vinegared dye, and boiled eggs.  We did 10, and ate two extras.  It was FUN!

 The Damage
Our creations with my happy mistake (closest middle) because I jumped, turning it a hunter green (green and accidental orange instead of red).

Be good to each other.


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