Thursday, March 1, 2018

Jasmine Cain-Bad A Chick with Heart.

Good morning, my rockin’ friends…

So, let’s flip the script a bit for me to tell you guys about someone new on my radar…bad a biker rocker chick, Jasmine Cain, bred from biker heaven, Sturgis, SD.  Transplanted to Memphis, Jasmin has eked out her own path in the Alt. Rock arena with such company as Halestorm since ’03 with her own brand of storytelling, social commentary, positive and negative, with the occasional cover like Stevie Nick’s “Edge of Seventeen” or Janis Joplin’s “Bobby McGee.”

Girl can bring the melodies, then, flip the script to a rasp that cuts like a knife through butter like “On the Edge.”  Not afraid to show her feelings, Jasmine belts out a power ballad to rival her idol, Lita Ford…case in point, “Never Goodbye.”  Then, songs like “Time” has a sad assertiveness as she sings about moving on although it sucks.  She seems to see the silver lining in everything bad that happens in life.

Jasmine’s no soft pushover, though, she can grab and lead you by the balls just as easily and lightning fast as pour out her heart (“Wait”) with the likes of the slower bluesy “Don’t You Come Here” or the rocker “White Noise,” the title track of ‘16’s album.  Either way, girl’s vocals spit venom.  Flipping the script yet again, Jasmin exudes her female empowerment with the horny “Coming in Hot” as she sings about giving the dude one shot, and that she’s coming in hot.

Jasmine Cain’s proven she’s no one to screw with in her body of work, that she’s no one-trick pony by any stretch of the imagination.  Currently, Jasmine’s writing to unleash another album with pre-production vocals being laid down.  With a tour schedule that has her all over The States at least through May, you guys should look her up to see her at the closest venue.

Be good to each other.


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