Thursday, March 1, 2018

Check Ya Self Before Ya Wreck Ya Self.

So, last night’s Speechless had JJ turning 18.  In the episode, JJ thought he was a real bad a since he turned the big 1-8.  Given that, he thought he didn’t have to play by his folks’ rules after hearing all the awesome things his friends’re doing for their 18th.  Turning 18 and peer pressure, not a good combo.  Anyhoo, JJ really acts out, even going so far as to break away from Kenneth to go to a tattoo shop, which Mia strictly forbade.  When he gets mouthy with Kenneth at the shop, Kenneth has to put him in his place say, Just because you’re in a wheelchair, doesn’t give you permission to act like an asshole.  He’s right.

OK, kids, I ragged on your folks, now, it’s your turn.

I know as you get older, you think you know it all, and the parental units are stupid.  Listen to them, they know.  They might not be a crip like you, so they’ll have to listen to you, but they’ve gone through most of what you’ll be going through.  They do know.

Given what I just said, being a crip doesn’t give you license to be an asshole or a nuisance.  Rub someone the wrong way, someone WILL kick your ass.

Let me give you a story:

One time Joey and I were at Chinese Kitchen minding our own when a couple came in, and sat several rows behind Joey.  They looked cool enough.  Then, a crip we know from around town named Larry came in.  Larry has a rep for being a lady’s man (in his head).  He went up to the couple like he knew them, AND STARTED HITTING ON THE GIRL!  DUDE, I’m crazy, but not stupid!  Larry kept on; I don’t know what the guy was thinking, but I was getting a little antsy.  Joey heard the goings-on too.  I told her we needed to get the hell out of there, because I saw this ending badly…and, although I can fight, I wasn’t bailing his ass out.  BTW, we haven’t seen Larry since.

On a personal note, when I turned 18, I was allowed back into Musicland after being banned for stealing when I was 15.

That’s another thing, chair DOESN’T equal above the law.  You’re ass WILL go to jail…and, they WILL beat your ass if you make an ass out of yourself in jail.

OK, class dismissed.  Be good to each other.


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