Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Life Changing Debate Rages On

Hey all.  Joey here.  I want to briefly talk about a debate-or sometimes argument-that rages on wherever you look: vitamins VS medications.  In the simplest way I can explain this, meds are good.  They help us when we have a cold, the Flu, a headache, a hundred million different things, and most of them work well.  However, most meds’ purpose is to cover symptoms until your body heals-not necessarily getting to the cause of your symptoms.
Vitamins work at the source of your ailment, fixing damage done, or preventing it altogether, so you will not even need to take a (sometimes side effect whore, body or mind altering) med!
I can’t stress this enough.  Why would a person want to merely treat pain (or whatever it is) for ever-and maybe gain another problem-when he/she could get Rid of it for ever?
Now, I’m not a health freak, but I do know vitamins.  You know, A, B, C, the real stuff, but, yes, there are cases where a person is taking vitamins, but they are not enough.  By all means, if you’ve done research and spoken to your doctor, adding a med might be helpful for your wellbeing.  But, please, be smart about it-do the research.  Meds seem like the easy fix, but they aren’t fixing what’s wrong.
I know a lot about vitamins-which is good for what-so if anybody is interested, just hit me up; we’ll chat for a spell.  Let’s make a healthier world.

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