Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Alcoholic Crip.

Morning, Peeps…

So, I’m probably gonna ruffle feathers, not like Logan Paul ruffle feathers, but still.

One of the things Joey and I’m asked is if we drink.  Yeah, we drink every now and then.  We like cans over bottles, because they’re easier to open; yet, they’re still difficult to maneuver.  Bottles are an absolute bitch, because we have our crippy hands trying to hold said bottle while having to get the right leverage on the bottle opener to pop the top.  For me, I’ve got to do this overhand.  If everything goes well, a minute, but if I can’t get the angle…5, 10, maybe more.  Mind you, we only have help in the mornings and nights to get us up and to bed, so everything else’s on us...including drinking. We REALLY want that drink, right?

The time shown in # 1 was at Joey’s 30th birthday party when our providers and friends were there to celebrate, so we had help.  Incidentally, I was the only one to pass out.  But, I didn’t have a hangover the next morning either, which, still doesn’t make it right…it just means I was lucky.

Now, you hear that alcoholism’s a disease, and I’ll give you that…AFTER someone’s started drinking.  That first drink that leads to the alcoholism’s ALWAYS by CHOICE.  OK, J, but it’s in my fam.  Yeah, but you can CHOOSE NOT to have that initial drink if you think you’re gonna be susceptible to alcoholism.  See what I’m sayin’?

So, where you goin’ with this, Bro?

For the crip, given what I said before about how hard it can be to open said drink, it’s a CHOICE to drink.  And, depending on the level of cripness, getting drunk could be a couple-hours affair.  That’s a bitch I don’t think I’m willing to invest that much time to for the big “O.”

Today’s Super Bowl Sunday, so be safe wherever you party, and for God sakes, be good to each other…you always hearin’ at least once about drunk ass people fightin’ over their teams, and somebody winds up getting’ carried out.


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