Sunday, February 25, 2018


So, my sister, Kat, told me the logo we’d made was hard to read, so I started really looking at it.  I wondered if others were having the same prob, just not saying.  It did kinda have that ghetto video game look to the wheelchair emblem even though it looked like Joey’s and my chairs.

Today, I was playing with shirt ideas when I thought a heart with someone standing behind another in a chair, but the figures completely covered the heart.  No good.  I took away the figures, and searched wheelchairs, and quickly found one I liked, and put it to the left of the heart.  Then, I searched “Standing,” and found nothing I liked, so I searched “Figures,” and BAM, I found the crouching figure, which was just at the height of the wheelchair dude.  Cool beans…until I put it to the right of the heart.  It covered most of the heart, so I got rid of the heart, and re-added it.  Now, it was on top and centered.  Et voilà!

I showed it to Joey.  She was like, “Yeeeah.”

So, here you are:  Two Feet Below’s official logo!

If you’d like a logo or Brain T or hoodie, just email us the color if you want one other than the reg. white, if you want the back personalized, and sending address to  Then, go to the drop down menus to make your order.

Be good to each other.


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