Thursday, February 22, 2018

First Time Back.

So, in a couple hours I have my first diabetes check since I left the office in October.

Now, I didn’t leave on bad terms.  Oh, sure a couple people unfriended me, but that’s not my problem…that’s on them.  I know A LOT of things have changed.  They were in the making when I left.  From what I heard, not for the best either.  Also, I heard there were more employee shakeups after I left.  Hmmm, I’ve heard whether those were good things is also debatable.

I know my folks were ready to be rid of it when they retired, but I can tell it hurts when they see what it’s become.  After all, they built it from the ground up over the course of 32 years.  The crew we had had become fam.  When they left, the fam steadily broke up.  Some, I see every once in a blue moon…others not.  It’s like a separation, you promise to stay in touch, but deep inside you know it’s not gonna work…and, it doesn’t.

Anyhoo, here I am waiting for Mom, so we can go to our appointments.  Man, I’m gonna have to get my finger pricked.  Man, I Hate that.  Yeah, I’ve got tattoos, but it’s different to actually get stabbed.  I wish Joey could come, but we both have appointments to keep.  She has a vet appointment for the Boys at the same time I’ve got to be at the office.

I’ll keep you guys posted.  Oh, BTW, the diabetes thing has nothing to do with my crippage.

Be good to each other.


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