Wednesday, February 14, 2018


So, this morning started interesting to say the least.

Joey had a provider that’s been here a month that I totally didn’t trust from day 1, because she reminded me of one I had that was a drunk and pothead.  We’ve had a few come in, so we know what both smell like, and she acted the exact same way, swaying, slurring, and such.  Two Sundays ago, she was here when Ashley showed up, so I asked her if she reminded her of Tami, and, mind you, she only saw her the once, but Ashley said yes.  Man, I’m good.

Also, when she’s here, she has to go out at least two or three times to her car for something…hmmm.  I kept telling Joey.  Then, I finally broke down, and did a background check on her myself.  Man, again, I found she’d had 10 offenses for DWI with open container and pot possession.  Dude.  I told Joey, but she let her work last Sunday, which was OK if she wanted to see how the girl was.  The girl starts going around our house looking through our DVDs, lava lamps, and other things while Joey’s getting more and more uncomfortable.  She thinks old girl’s casing our place.  So, she pulled the trigger with her concerns to the company.  They told her they’d deal with pulling the chick off the case, so we thought everything was fine.

Here’s the kicker…

This morning, she calls, and I don’t answer.  I know she’s coming over next, and low and behold, she shows up at our door.  Joey and her backup think it’s UPS dropping off a package, but I hear the double tap of the doorbell, and know.  Sure enough, she comes right in without being invited, sees Joey’s help, and says, “So, you’re covered?”  She knew, she just wanted to see who was replacing her.  But, really, Man, the awkwardness was thick.  The dogs even felt it sitting in front of side by side.

Ah, the cray cray of crip life.

Be good to each other.


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