Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Power of You.

So, this morning I'd woken up at 3 and was jacked about the way the site is going, I couldn't get back to sleep.  I thought of the EZ-Rider piece and this.

This dedicated to Joey, my friends that've had my back, and everybody that's considered suicide.

Be good to each other.


I know how you said you were bullied
growing up…
the time you should’ve cherished most,
you say you hated school,
the kids capitalized on your difference…
ate at you.
You said you wanted to die.
I understand.
I’m the same as you…
But, different.
I bled the same,
I was picked on.
Death would’ve been a better fate
than possible daily hell.
I had friends that treated me “normal”
throwing me on the floor to wrestle,
having sleepovers,
tending to my special needs…
when they didn’t have to.
Now, I’m telling you…
look inside,
take my hand…

And, see the power of you.

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