Thursday, January 11, 2018

Synopsis for The Howl

Hi again.  This is Joey.  I know I mentioned I have a published novel: Quest for Freedom, btw.  However, my 2nd novel, called The Howl (no relation to Quest) is ready to be published, as soon as I find a home for it.  I need advice, though.  I know you have not read the book yet, but I'm gonna share the synopsis.  I think it needs to be a tad longer-it's 200 words.  Will you tell me what you think?  Thanks:

Meet straight “A”, High School Senior, Logan Greene, who, since childhood, was taught the most important thing in life is a prestige status.  Hard work, honest living, and loyalty only count for so much here, but everything can be fixed by knowing the highest person in charge or by having enough money.  Born into a wealthy family with no other siblings and not a care in the world, Logan’s life is about to be turned upside down when the family’s beliefs are tested.  Friends getting divorced, job situations, awry, secrets unheard, now coming to the surface.

Then, mysterious and odd Julian enters the Greene’s lives.

Having grown up on the not as rich side of town, Julian’s values and morals are so different from Logan’s.  The stranger is hard-working, dedicated, loyal, true.  And Julian’s obsessions for peace and justice, as well as animals, are simply puzzling to most people, but that’s half the fun.  The other half is how the two combine what they know and how they figure out the things they don’t know.  With help from Julian’s twin sister, some family friends, untold secrets, and even unearthly enemies, the two find they have quite an adventure to unravel.

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