Sunday, January 28, 2018

One of My Skeletons.

Afternoon, Fam!

So, you could tell yesterday was a trying day in the Rhode household, Joey has been going through a bit of depression, and I set myself up to need to be bailed out in my need for adventure.  What you didn’t know is it went deeper…much, much deeper.

During the cruise, I had a foley, so I could drink all I wanted, and just empty the bag every now and then.  It gave us and Mom and Ashley more freedom to do our own things.  We just met up whenever.  After the cruise, I kept the foley, because Mom’d said I could keep it for another week before it needed to be changed or pulled.  The thing was, Ashley started doing Summer sem., so I had more people helping me.  OK, I’ve had new people working with me throughout the years, that’s no biggie.  It’s the level of dedication that’s the gray area.  People weren’t paying attention to where the tube was, so apparently, it was caught under me, pulling, which caused me to bleed.

Now, anybody who’s cathed over time, knows sometimes there’s bleeding.  In my case, I’ve been cathing since I was five.

Anyhoo, the trauma was so bad that, apparently, I bled a lot even after the foley was gone since cathing is my main way to go.  Eventually, it went away, but ever since, it’s been on and off harder to get it done…taking anywhere from 5 minutes start to finish to a half hour or more…frustrating for both provider and me.

Yesterday was one of those days.  As a matter of fact, we were never able to get it in, so I had to do it naturally with a urinal.  OK, I said I don’t have the muscles to do it naturally, yes, so I use different muscles, which wears the hell out of me.  Already frustrated, I got the idea to have Ashley push on my bladder while I pushed.  I’ll be damned, it worked!  I was able to get up and finish the rest of my crazy ass day.

Then, last night, battery completely dead, I needed Ashley to actually help me make the turn into our room.  From there, we got me in bed, and proceeded to start cathing.  At this point, I normally start saying Hail Marys followed by The Father’s Prayer in hopes that somebody, ANYBODY hears me.  It worked…sort of.  When Ashley emptied the urinal, I could tell I didn’t finish.  I had to finish in the toilet, but I didn’t quite make it.  Ah, the joys.

Until now, only fam and really close friends knew about my cathing.  It comes with the territory with Spina Bifida as well as other kinds of cripnesses.  TMI, J.  Perhaps, but, this is my life, and if others can relate and I can help, I’ll put it out there.  Also, if you’re to know me, you’re gonna know all of me.  We fam after all.

Be good to each other.


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