Monday, January 15, 2018

Crip Peeves

Afternoon, Guys!!

I want to play a game...yes, we saw Jigsaw recently. It didn't suck, it was actually fun to revisit the franchise.

So, in Let’s Walk, I mention one of our biggest crip peeves, so shall we?
I'll start with probably Joey's and my #1...actually, there are two that tie for fist place, and they are:
"Are you guys racing," when we're walking ANYWHERE together. DON'T DO IT! Yeah, it's strange to see a crip couple together.  We get it.  We haven't in seen a crip couple in our 17 years and going.  BUT, read that last line, and ANYBODY who hasn't lived under a rock in 17 years WILL see us on the streets walking side by side or a little ahead of each other as road width and traffic permits.  And, unless someone’s new to the MPD or a new driver, everybody knows us and won’t give us shade on the streets (yes, we’ve been stopped to see if we’re lost) or on the bus. It was cute when we were 6th grade.  I’m waaaay out of 6th grade.

The tying crip peeve is correcting us when we say we’re walking.  Check it, “You mean you’re rolling?”  No, did I stutter?  I say what I mean.  I know what I am, and know my limitations…walking ain’t one of ‘em.

One of Joey’s crip peeves is when caregivers are new, and they feel the need to tell her so.  She already knows she’s going to have to explain her care.

Which brings up another couple crip peeves…

Agencies, regardless of how long we’ve been with them, tend to leave new caregivers in the dark about us, so they have no clue about my latex allergy or anything life changing that could cancel said life.

Then, there’s the provider, who comes in extolling how long they’ve been a provider and they’ve got this.  Ummm, yeah, but you’ve never taken care of me…I’m an individual.

A final one off the top of my head is, Joey and I tend to jump at loud noises.  Once we jump once, it’s hard to relax after.  We’ve had people take advantage of these uncomfortable situations.

OK, so, let's play.  What’re some of your pet or crip peeves...And, Go!

Be goodd to each other.


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