Friday, February 23, 2018

Fasting Blood Work.

So, this afternoon, I had my fasting blood work Cindy wanted me to get.  I had nothing in my system.  If they’d wanted to do an autopsy on me, then would’ve been their chance…they lost out.  I felt like I was dying with just water to hydrate me.  No coffee=caffeine withdraw headache.  I know, bad J.

Anyhoo, I did Fifty while I waited for Mom since it was fresh on my mind, and a diversion from the coming pain.  Just as I posted it, she came.  Now, two fasting people ain’t a pretty thing, you guys, but we made it work.  We got there, and they took Mom immediately.  She was out in minutes.  Then, it was my turn.

OK, Guys, I’m a notoriously hard stick.  Don’t know, just am.  To boot, because of my CP, I jump, so the big a vein that you just saw, disappears.  Yeah, that easy.  So, 9 times out of 10, I’m a pin cushion.  Yeah, I’m that guy.

Ya know how they talk about grouping in target shooting?  Pick me, I’ve got three stab wounds mostly in the same area of my left forarm…and, I feel ‘em.  I don’t consider myself a pussy, but that s hurt.  I hoped Mom hadn’t fallen into a coma waiting for me.  The techs were nice, and they knew me, telling me they miss hearing my voice on the office phones, aw!  Two days of compliments from people, who knew me then…must’ve been doing something right.

After, we went to Long John Silvers for some protein, and home for some caffeine and to commiserate with Joey, who had to stay behind.  Honestly, it wasn’t a bad outing…aside from the pain.

I should hear something back on Monday, maybe Tuesday.

Be good to each other.


91/2 Weeks of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Good morning, Awesome People…

So, I don’t get it, I just don’t get it.  Last night and into this morning, Joey and I watched the Fifty Shades trilogy…well, we shut off Freed about 3something, because were just too tired, but we’ll finish it, being the completionists (yes, it seems I made up the word) that we are.  It will be done today.

Now, Joey and I had no wanting to watch this particular series.  We’re open-minded, but whips and chains ain’t our bag, Baby, AND, after the reviews for the first, even moreso.  HOWEVER, we both either majored or minored in Pysch, so after hearing people talk about it incessantly, especially since they managed to pull off Darker and Freed after reports said the rest of the series was iffy at best, because of the polarization of the original, we decided to take the dive.

OK, right off the bat, Joey and I said Fifty was just a 21st century 9 ½ Weeks, just instead of Mickey O’Rourke and Kim Basinger, who’s actually in Darker (coincidence?), we have Jamie Dorman and Dakota Johnson.  The premise is essentially 9 ½ Weeks, just with whips and chains added to the bondage.  We’d seen this almost exact same story 32 years earlier: Dude sees innocent chick, chick somehow can’t resist mysterious dude, dude has control issues and gets his jollies controlling every facet of chick's life, chick gets scared, because she got in too deep over her virgin head, chick tries to kick him to the curb, but, for some strange reason, she just can’t shake him…hit rewind over and over.

The sex seemed shoehorned especially in Darker and Freed, and for me to say that, it must’ve seemed forced.  We all know the title, and even if you haven’t read the books, which I haven’t, by definition, you expect sex…and lots of it.  God, I can’t believe I said that about a movie, but a spade’s a spade.

We all’ve heard the adage opposites attract, but, to some extent, there’s an innate darkness in all of us.  It’s that pull that directs us to either help people with their issues, as originally depicted in Fifty, or we can lose ourselves to become an enabler to their darker whims, which’s also depicted.  Also, like 91/2 Weeks, they’re addicted to each…a combination that was fire and ice turned to fire and gasoline.

As I think about it, I think of Joey and me…night and day…in our minds shouldn’t’ve been together, but and gasoline.

I guess love comes from wherever.  I’m glad Joey’s Pysch itch was tickled.

Be good to each other.


Joey's First Challenge

Good morning everybody.  I’d like to propose my first challenge to you all.  In the past few days, two people I know have said, “I need my (cell) phone.  Joey, I don’t know how you can not take yours to bed with you.”
Why should I?  If I’m gonna be making mad, sweet love to something, it won’t be a plastic rectangle with a glass screen.
Seriously, though, I don’t need my phone much.  Yeah, if my house phone dies, I might need to make a call, but, you know, 15-20 years ago, when there were no cell phones, we all did just fine.  Technology is a good thing, but let’s not get carried away.
I know people who literally have to check their phone every two minutes: over dinner, through a movie, at work, sitting on the toilet, during “rush hour” traffic… Really?  Why are they so addictive?  It’s a new generation of mindless slave/zombies.
So, basically, I’m challenging you to start simple.  Pick a time after reading this, put your cell phone down, and do Not pick it up, look at it, Anything for 15 minutes.  Tell me how you feel.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Appointment.

So, I just got back from the office.  It was nice to see everybody.  The ones I figured wouldn’t talk to me, didn’t…oh well.  Talking to people, nothing’s changed, and everything’s changed with lineups and whatnot.  I saw a couple patients I’d known for years, which was cool.  One told me how much the place’d changed from his perspective.  It was sad, but expected.  I saw a couple drug reps I knew, and caught them up on my life, plugging the site and whatnot.  I told them I’ve been the happiest in YEARS.  Everybody asked if I missed working there.  To an extent, yeah, because it was a big chunk of my life.  BUT, I’m in a good place here, doing exactly what I think I am meant to be doing.

Then, I was called back.  Christina’s Cindy’s new nurse since Ami left shortly after I did.  We caught up, and she got my pertinents: BP, which was high, of course, when I needed it normal.  Then, she took my A1C, which we both agreed sucked worse than getting inked.  It actually wasn’t bad.  I went up 2/10 of a point.  Cindy told me we don’t want it to get to 6.5.  Then, I’ll have to be on insulin, which isn’t an option.  I’m not stabbing myself in the gut…had it done in the hospital after surgery a few years back.

The short of it is everything is OK diabetic-wise.  My BP med’s changing, and tomorrow, I have to go to the lab for a complete fasting workup…Man, nothing to eat after midnight, no coffee…DUDE!  Oh well.  I ain't checkin' out anytime soon...unless, I drop dead of caffeine withdraws tomorrow.  LOL!

Until the next time, be good to each other.


Happy Thursday

Hey guys.  It's Joey.  How are you?  Whether it's Jason's writings or mine that you happen to stumble upon, we are both so happy you did.  Please enjoy your stay, and if you're new here, hi.  I hope what we write helps and inspires you.  Here is the picture of the day.  Okay, 2 pics, our boys, Hollywood and Chewy.  Have a blessed day.

First Time Back.

So, in a couple hours I have my first diabetes check since I left the office in October.

Now, I didn’t leave on bad terms.  Oh, sure a couple people unfriended me, but that’s not my problem…that’s on them.  I know A LOT of things have changed.  They were in the making when I left.  From what I heard, not for the best either.  Also, I heard there were more employee shakeups after I left.  Hmmm, I’ve heard whether those were good things is also debatable.

I know my folks were ready to be rid of it when they retired, but I can tell it hurts when they see what it’s become.  After all, they built it from the ground up over the course of 32 years.  The crew we had had become fam.  When they left, the fam steadily broke up.  Some, I see every once in a blue moon…others not.  It’s like a separation, you promise to stay in touch, but deep inside you know it’s not gonna work…and, it doesn’t.

Anyhoo, here I am waiting for Mom, so we can go to our appointments.  Man, I’m gonna have to get my finger pricked.  Man, I Hate that.  Yeah, I’ve got tattoos, but it’s different to actually get stabbed.  I wish Joey could come, but we both have appointments to keep.  She has a vet appointment for the Boys at the same time I’ve got to be at the office.

I’ll keep you guys posted.  Oh, BTW, the diabetes thing has nothing to do with my crippage.

Be good to each other.


"I Hope You Don't Die."

Morning again, guys…

So, let me set up the scenario:

I’ve got a peanut allergy, but I’ve had them before, and know I like them.  Well, we used to go to Scottish Rite in Dallas for various reasons pertaining to my cripness as a kid.  When we’d go, we’d get the red eye flights with the business types.  During the flight, they’d hand out little baggies of peanuts.  I couldn’t have them, so Mom’d get me pistachios from a kiosk at the airport.

Anyhoo, one day, I found one of said little baggies, so I snatched, and ran to my room, closed the door, and figured how to open the baggie at my brother’s desk to eat them.  Suddenly, Mom came in, saw what I was doing, said, “I hope you don’t die,” and walked out.  OMG, I was traumatized.  After that, I never touched peanuts intentionally again.

Fast forward to the other day, there was a report of tests being done with pills to possibly, in the future, make it some people with said peanut allergy be able to partake.  Hmmm.  Now. According to the report I watched, the test subjects only got to where they could eat two at most…that’s a tease, Man!  They also said approval for, I guess, marketed tests, is still a year out.  Wow.

I’ve heard of some people being so allergic that kissing someone, who’d eaten peanuts, could kill.  Maybe this could become a regularly taken vitamin to go with your As, Bs, and Cs.

Until then, I’ll just stick with my Almond Snickers, the best alternative to the original, or my Milky Ways and 3 Musketeers.

But, it’s food for thought.

Be good to each other.