Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hustling from Two Feet Below-You Will Get Burned.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, it never ceases to amaze me the mentality of the crip.  We’ve seen them all.  You have your victim crip, which REALLY ISN’T a crip that can’t do ANYTHING for themselves, you have your “take their cripness too serious crip,” you have your badass crips that can literally part the seas.

But, this week, I found a new that tripped my shit.

I met a girl, who’s deaf on Twitter.  I’m always up for meeting a fellow crip, so I was like, “What the hell.”  We get to know each other, and she’s open to talking about her deafness, which’s a breath of fresh air.  Lately, I’d been coming against the “take their cripness too serious” types more recently.

I’m thinking nothing, just meeting someone cool.  She was all “Sweetie” and “Dear,” then, she throws out, “What ya going to get me for my birthday on the 2nd.”  WHAT, SAY WHAT?  I thought she was joking and deflected the subject elsewhere, but she eventually came back to it again and again.  WTFH!

Reading between the lines from what she’s already told me, I figure I’m getting worked…hustled.  LMFAO, this is a new one on me.

Now, I could go two ways with this:  Me being me, I could run with this to see how far she’ll go before she can see I’m playing her game or I CHOOSE to put her on blast.  OR, I could just cut her off cold turkey.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

It just blows me away.  A word for the crip wise: DON’T hustle people, you might meet someone like me, who’ll play your game until I get bored and I WILL burn you.  If you don’t meet someone like me, karma’s a bitch.  What comes around REALLY comes around.

Be good to each other.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

51 Days of Being a Cult Bitch.

So, this week on A&E, they’re having shows on cults (Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, the Branch Davidians).  As you guys know, religions interest me.  With cults, it’s trying to understand how could anybody skew a religion so left from its intended meaning.

Last night, we watched a two-parter on the Branch Davidians.

I remember watching that shit go down.  I was a sophomore in school.  I remember watching old footage of Jonestown that went down when I was two but couldn’t wrap my mind around the current goings on.  I just knew it was screwed up from the back and forth from the compound and the ATF.

Fast forward to last night.  Joey couldn’t wrap her mind around how people could follow a guy, who proclaimed to be God, but a.) stole KIDS and others’ wives as his, b.) forced his followers to listen to his sermons to the point they were FORCED to piss and shit on themselves, and c.) talk parents into killing their kids as well as committing suicide, which is considered the worse sin we can commit to ourselves.

Me, I agreed with Joey, but what fascinated and scared me the worst was the difference between the two factions: them and us.  We apparently couldn’t get our shit together, fighting between the different representatives of the government how to deal with the cult.

On the other hand, they had a plan, they stuck together with the exception of a few defectors, and they executed it…even down to having a representative escape the fire with a floppy of the promised first scroll.  That’s scary.

I know I’m coming down on the government, but I’m in NO way glorifying Waco, that son of a bitch was screwed.  It’s just scary how a cult made the government its bitch…and, we’re still having documentaries and dramas 25 years later.

Be good too each other.


PS.  Sorry, the video's so long.

The Verdict.

Morning, Guys…

So, I’ve had a couple days to let 13 Reasons Why season 2 marinate.

The trial was an interesting mix of truths, lies, and what should’ve been said/dones, finishing in the only viable verdict with payoffs that were real world…as opposed to tidy TV world sum ups.  Sorry, no spoilers for those of you invested to watch and you newbies late to the party.

Like I said in the first three-episode piece, Clay’s back, still trying to cope with losing Hannah to the point of him seeing her.  Whether he really sees her or she’s his thoughts, we’re left in the dark until the after-show.  It’s an interesting bit of psychology and brings up the topic of the afterlife at the same time.  He even asks a priest at the end if he thinks Hannah made it to Heaven or went to Hell, which is the common thought for suicides.  It’s interesting what the priest says.

Taking the criticism from last season, the show did damage control all over the place, constantly posting, voicing sites, numbers, and whatnot to contact people in the know if you might be dealing with the topics covered in each episode.  Also, as previously mentioned, there was an after-show where a studio audience could interact with the cast and profession crew to ask questions and learn the thought processes that went into tackling topics.

I understand statistics have their place.  But, that’s JUST what they are…statistics…numbers…not people.  People change “norms” ALL THE TIME.  People are lost getting stuck in “norm” thinking…even if they care.

Of course, when a suicide occurs, the ones left behind want someone to blame.  The people’ll either go three ways: they’ll fess up remorsefully like Justin, they’ll lie about their role to distance themselves and save face like Amanda, or the what should’ve been done/saids like Mr. Porter, the counselor, when we get into his head to see what he SHOULD’VE said/done.  And, we get the verdict with the aftermath to lead into next season.

By the end of the season, Joey and I were saying they need to go the male rape route now…because, IT DOES HAPPEN…it’s just NOT broadcasted as much…if at ALL.

The end delivered on that thought in detail that’ll most DEFINITELY piss off, disturb, what have you, parental units and counselors that would rather white wash topics 13 Reasons has been tackling face on for two seasons now.

Be good to each other.


Monday, May 21, 2018

"Sheepherders Need to Smell Like Their Sheep."

So, yesterday, I made a point to go to church with Dad.  I’m glad I did.  He looked good.  I was worried about him; although, the last time I saw him, he looked well.  He's been through a lot this last year or so.  He just sounded off Saturday on the phone.

OK, so this is gonna be a twofer.

We had a guest priest, Father Paul, yesterday, who was from Brooklyn.  He was loud, spoke fast, and used everyday speech to deliver his message, going so far to reference an old song, “Biko” by Peter Gabriel.

One thing he said, got to me: “Sheepherders need to smell like their sheep.”

Think about that for a sec.

If we’re gonna be role models and mentors, if we’re gonna to be inspirations, we can’t do it from the sidelines.  We have to get our hands dirty, be in the thick of whatever…otherwise, we’re just posers.  We have to be willing to take risks, and deal with whatever comes from putting our asses out there.

It was fortifying to me.

Everybody has the potential to be an inspiration to someone…EVERYBODY.  Get involved, get dirty… my dad.

Be good to each other.


Seeing God at Best Buy.

Evening, Guys…

So, today’s coming late, because my adapter decided to give it up yesterday.  The wires started fraying at the port business end, finally snapping yesterday morning.

As soon as Ashley came, I was up with my laptop loaded in my backpack, made sure Joey was good, and was out the door to Best Buy.

At Best Buy, I went directly to the laptop department.  When it was my turn, I told the guy what happened and what I needed.

Now, let’s talk about good intentions and reading people, leaving being a crip aside.

Come to find out the HP Spectre DOESN’T have a universal adapter yet…GUYS TAKE NOTE if you have one.  Of course, I needed one, like, yesterday.  The associate went to look for a stocked adapter, and, of course, they were out.  I had to order one.  BUT, he’d try to look for something to tide me over.

He DIDN’T have to go out of his way to try to find something to rig an adapter.  He could’ve just ordered the part and sent me on my way.

Just making small talk, I told him what I do and that I was on a budget, and he went into a compartment under his computer, searching.  Then, he pulled out a mate to my adapter unboxed.  He told me since my laptop’s still on warranty, he’s just give me the adapter.

By this time, he’d already earned my employee of the month award, BUT he wasn’t done.  After throwing the adapter in my back pack, we went over to Geek Squad, where he ordered ANOTHER adapter for me, keeping the first on the DL.  Again, he didn’t have to do that for me.

That’s where good intentions and reading people come into play.  He must’ve thought my intentions for what we do warranted the extra bit of work, because I’m a heavy believer in karma, and WOULD’VE been going home empty-handed if I wasn’t being honest.

That’s the way the world works whether we see it or not.  Karma can give or take away…it’s up to us to decide which way it’ll go.

So, here I am…playing catch up with my thoughts.

Be good to each other.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Talking to Dad.

So, we just got off the phone with Dad.  I don’t know if it was just me, or that we were watching the after-show of 13 Reasons Why, or the convo with Mom about Dad and his chemo shot he had Thursday, but I thought and whispered to Joey I thought he sounded tired.

Yeah, I said chemo shot.  Dad has cancer localized to his back that he has to get what, essentially’s, a shot of chemo every month.  Apparently, this puts him down a day, which, I guess, isn’t bad, in the grand scheme of things.

I just don’t remember him sounding that tired since he’s started this journey.  Granted, I don’t live with him, so I don’t see him day to day, but I know a tired voice when I hear one.  He just seemed run down.  He told me he and a family friend’ve been doing a pretty big project, so, maybe, that’s what’s up…I hope.

If Mom doesn’t get back from her weekend with Kat, he says he’ll make getting us to church happen.  I know I will.

Thanks for listening.

Be good to each other.