Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Starbucks Dates

On Our Way

So, anybody that follows me on FB will see pics of Joey’s and my various Starbucks dates.  It’s easy to get to with several locations around town, one of which is at the mall and, hey, we love coffee.  We can kill several birds with one stone: we can get there on the bus, shop or get our hair done at Pennys, then, go grab a coffee or a frap and a snack, and go.  Or, switch up to go to Starbucks first if we’re hungry when we get there.

Actually, Starbucks dates started when we were in college.  We’d meet up between classes, decide we reeeally didn’t wanna go to class, and jet across Garfield and cut through the apartments to the side street that took us to Barnes and Noble, where the only Starbucks café was back in those days.  This was when Joey and I were dating.  This where I hatched the idea to get Joey her middle name, Danielle, because, the girls in her fam were never given one at birth…and, she always wanted one.  Anyhoo, we threw around ideas, I got a hold of an attorney friend, who went to my folks’ office, where I worked at the time, and we made it happen in front of a judge Valentine’s Day of that year.

We started showing so much, the baristas knew us, what we probably wanted, and to bring it to our table without being asked.  If we went to the Barnes and Noble cafe, we might just chill, but we might’ve bought something, and we’d read together…especially if I got a new Walking Dead graphic novel, which I started reading when the show started on AMC.  Now, I order them for my Kindle app, because lugging books and possibly dropping them just sucks.  But, that’s the thing, everybody we’ve encountered on our dates has been super sweet.


A lot of times, we just people watch while people watch us…out of the corner of their eye, of course.  LOL, we see, and we wonder what they think.  When they go by, we’ll engage them in as much convo as they’ll let us.  It’s interesting to see reactions.  Joey and I won’t blush, so it’s interesting to see how far we can take it before whoever blushes and excuses themselves to get away from the crazy crips.  Still, it’s fun to hangout and quietly watch.  You learn a lot about people just watching.

Be good to each other.


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